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 Ranking structure

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PostSubject: Ranking structure   Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:19 pm



Description: This is the highest rank in FSGx, it is not possible to reach this rank.
Responsibilities: Creators are responsible for running all aspects of FSGx. They work with all leaders and members to make FSGx a great place for all gamers.


Description: This is the 2nd highest rank in FSGx. This is the last achievable rank in FSGx. This takes EXTREME loyalty, hard work and leadership to obtain this great rank.
Responsibilities: Co-Creators are in charge of handling multiple aspects of FSGx. They work directly with the Creator,Senior Directors and Directors to overlook and find ways to improve clan operations. They essentially have some influence in all of the goings on in FSGx.

Senior Director

Description: This position is given to Directors who have proven they have the experience needed to run all of FSGx's Divisions and is the 3rd highest rank in FSGx.
Requirements: Successful performance and achievement as a Director for at least a month’s time. They should be appointed for promotion by The Creator.
Duties: They carry out and implement solutions to any problem that comes their way from the Directors. They are responsible for making sure the community is playing in a professional manner and are upholding the Code of Conduct, and that all Directors and Leaders are doing their job correctly. These Senior Leaders are responsible for the management of the FSGx vocation on Xbox Live, and they have the power to open, close, change, and merge any division if needed. They are highly respected leaders and have full power over all of FSGx on Xbox Live. They can promote or demote any rank below them.


Description: This is the first multi division rank in FSGx.
Responsibilities: Directors are responsible for working with Divisional leaders to make their divisions great. They must work closely with all members to make sure everything is running positively and smoothly. They need to be aware of all goings on in the division and make sure nothing is being done incorrectly.

Division Leader

Description: This is the highest divisional rank in FSGx.
Responsibilities: Division Leaders are in charge of directing their entire division. They must work with all leaders under them to make sure the division is running smoothly. And require the knowledge to solve many different issues on a squad and divisional level. They are required to maintain good communication between themselves and the Co Division Leader.

Co Division Leader

Description: This position is given to those Manager who may become eligible for a promotion After proving them selfs to the division leader and director as a Manager.
Requirements: Successful fulfillment of the Manager position for atleast a month’s time, and a division maintained at atleast 350 members. Appointed for promotion by a Division Leader and approved by a Director or Senior Director.


Description: This is the first divisional rank in FSGx.
Responsibilities: Required to work with all Co-Managers to make sure they know the jobs and responsibilities of running 2 to 3 squads also how to train the Generals. They help them when needed and solve any issues the Co-Managers can't. They focus greatly on training the Co-Managers below them for the responsibilities of divisional wide leadership. At the same time, they also work on ways to make the division better. Managers work with the Division and Co Division Leaders to hold events and make changes that better the entire division.

Co Manager

Description: This is the first multi squad leadership rank.
Responsibilities: Co Managers are responsible for running two to three squads within a FSGx division. They work with all of their Generals to make sure everything is running smooth within the squads they are over. Co Managers are expected to keep track of all events going on within their squads and attend them as often as possible. Generals also need to be trained by a Co Manager so they can one day be ready for the rank themselves.


Description: This is the highest squad level rank.
Responsibilities: Generals are responsible for running an entire squad. They are responsible for holding leaders meeting and working with the other leaders to create weekly schedules. They must maintain meeting notes and weekly schedules and send messages from the squad gamertag on a day to day basis. Generals must train the leaders below them and give all of them the opportunity to host and co-host various events which gives them valuable experience.


Description:This is the first squad wide rank in FSGx.
Responsibilities: Majors are responsible for the entire squad. They work closely with all leaders in their squad. The main duty of a Major is to train all captains and get them ready to handle all situations that arise within a squad. And need to work closely with the General to run the squad and learn how everything works. At this rank, a member is responsible for setting up Elite teams and other competitive groups to make the squad fun for lower ranking members.


Description: This is the second leadership position in a FSGx squad.
Responsibilities: Captains have proven themselves as dedicated, responsible, and trustworthy leaders. Their main responsibilities are to teach the ranks below them and learn from the ranks above them. Captains are allowed to help and teach recruits all the aspect of a FSGx squad. They can also handle member disputes with the help and permission of the Major or General. A Captain should begin to talk and host meetings, host squad events, and help the other leaders plan a squad schedule each week.


Description: This is the first officer rank in FSGx.
Responsibilities: Lieutenants have shown that they are interested in becoming a leader. Their main duties are to learn from the ranks above them. They should assist their captains in running squad activities and meetings. When receiving this rank a member should put more effort into meeting all squad members, recruit on a regular basis, and attend as many squad events as possible. They should also take the time to expand their knowledge and understanding of the FSGx Ranking Structure and Code of Conduct. As a leader it is encouraged that all Lieutenants take the time to sign up on the forums if they haven't already.


Description: This rank is given to all members with a FSGx Gamertag.
Responsibilities: Sergeants are responsible for attending squad activities whenever possible, playing with fellow squad members. Sergeants can choose whether to take on extra responsibilities and become a leader or stay at a Sergeant while completing the above responsibilities.


Description: This is the final rank earned by recruitment.
Responsibilities: Corporals are responsible for attending meetings, practices, and events whenever possible and remaining an active and productive member of their squad.


Description: All new FSGx members a aquire this rank after being recruited.
Responsibilities: Privates are responsible for learning the FSGx Code of Conduct. They are to attend meetings, practices, and events whenever possible and remain an active and productive member of their squad. Meeting and playing with fellow squad members is strongly encouraged.
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Ranking structure
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